Thursday, May 05, 2005

Those who know me well say that when I'm quiet, it's because something's brewing. They're probably right. I'm not sure what it is, but it probably does have something to do with the current climate in romance fiction. There are good things going on, and things I would like to see changed. That I would like to change. Probably having to do with historicals. I've heard some encouraging things, but even encouraging things take time.

Hmm, it's the day to change toenail polish, but as that interests no-one (except the OPI people) that's probably not it.

The new printer? Maybe. The old one had been down for so long I got used to not being able to print letters, pages, etc, and now that I can zip out multiple pages at a go, I'm having some form of a standoff with it. Did I mention that I am a luddite at heart? I have letters that are past due, and my TWR notes need printing in their updated form.

Writing is going well. I'm getting back into my groove Man oh man do I wish Edith Layton would write more Georgians. Black Jack/Jasper Kelly from her A True Lady would make wonderful hero material in his own book. This is rare, for me, a "why does every character's second cousin's stepmother's dogwalker's paperboy have to have his own book" ranter, but come on, pirate who thinks he can make a go of being a gentleman in Georgian London? Yeah, I want that.

Jo Beverley's Mallorens still rawk, baby. ::stands on chair, lighter aloft::

Last night's Lost -- when I thought I could not love either Sayid or Charlie any more, bam, they got me. Okay, Sawyer, too. I love his reluctant compliance. I think he's going to be okay. Which is more than we can say for Boone. Moment of silence. Gotta love Locke, too.

Current listens: Phil Collins and Five For Fighting .

DH will have left errand instructions when I get home (he's working tonight, and stuff must be done) so after that, my plans are Survior and Sims2. (With plans for a wedding involving a romance sim and moving said family to their own house)

Workshop with Deb Dixon this Saturday -- GMC stuff, get to see my chapter sisters and others. Looking forward to, but what to wear?

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Kate R said...

I'm sorry I didn't get to see you on Friday night! That Deb Dixon is GREAT. I hope you'll blog about how the workshop went?