Thursday, April 28, 2005

There is a new addition to our family -- A Hewlett Packard Deskjet3745, known to friends and family as Fantasia, because she prints as well as her namesake sings, and when she does her job, it's music to my ears. The old one, which shall go nameless (but does have "We Be Jammin'" as a theme song) has finally gone to the big modem in the sky.

Funny how things change when equipment is working right, huh? Hey, I needed something to pick me up from last night's American Idol results. Constantine is out? Constantine? I shed a few tears, dh requested a recount, and yes, we do plan to visit and buy the band's CD. While I'm here, a nod to our other ousted favorite, Anwar Robinson, though the dh requests that I state I like Anwar a little more than dh does. Bo's still in it, so we're still watching.

Herein ends the American Idol geek portion of the blog. For this week. Though I do admit to a certain amount of glee that I get to play The Sims2 while dh works tonight. I have plans to see if twinning is more likely if mother and father are both twins (though not with each other!)

Ohhhkay. Writing. Right. I do that, you know. Really. I'm happy with the way TWR is unfolding, and I have to admit that the new-printer smell in the office does make work a bit easier. Closing in on the end of chapter two, and a chance to send it off to CPs. Elise, get ready. :)

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