Thursday, May 12, 2005

I'm still alive. The Deb Dixon workshop this past Saturday was faaabulous (Kate, you were missed!) and I've been putting some of that stuff into play. I got to sit at a very fun and chatty (but Kateless ::sob::) table, and can put on my list of things I have done that others may not have, "used men's restroom at a senior residential facility."

Husband could have knocked me over with a feather last night when I came home from nag group and showed me the new cell phones. This is significant because I have been waiting for this since Christmas. DH bought me a cell phone then, decided sometime on the 26th that it was, ah, not sufficient for my needs, and vowed to obtain a better one "soon." I have a much better timeframe on when this one will be activated -- he wants us to have the new phones working in time to vote for Bo on American Idol. The man has his priorities.

Also found out this weekend that my dad will be going in for a hip replacement in the near future. I forsee much more time spent at ye olde familye homesteade during the recovery process. Might be a good time to put in some arguments in favor of a laptop.

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