Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I need to shut myself away somewhere with a bunch of good historical romances and an equally big pile of good inspirationals. It's been another meh day, helped along by warmer temps. Also have had the husband on the poopy side of tired, since he's had two killer days in a row at the restaurant. Highlander season one DVD set (yay) but DVD player not yet hooked up (wah)-- and I'm out of scented votives.

Okay, enough whining. I did get some good outlining done on TWR today, so that gets productive points, and I am ahead of the game for the artist trading card swap. I'm getting a much more specific picture of what my TWR heroine's father and fiance do for a living, and why that has an effect on the hero. Things are swinging into motion, and this book seems to be coming a lot easier than others, which is nice.

We've hit two too-warm-to-sleep nights in a row for me (the dh could sleep through global warming or a new ice age) so I've taken to taking my pillow and Jo Beverley's Something Wicked onto the landing where I can catch a breeze and read until sleep is possible. It's that vacation feeling, reminding me of exactly what it is I love about reading and writing historical romance, and why I'm choosing to play in the Georgian period for a while. A bottle of chilled store brand cherry flavored water doesn't hurt, either.

Nor does the fact that my new black capri pants are loose, huzzah! To celebrate, my toenails are now OPI's "You Ottaware Purple." I don't normally polish my fingernails, since I'm very hard on my hands. If I'm not banging on the puter keyboard, I'm writing longhand or working with all my art stuff; inks, paints, mediums, solvents, and above it all, hot water. My toes, though, are real troopers and allow me to indulge my love of nail polish. Which really doesn't mean anything about anything, but that's what came out of my partly meh partly poopy have to do laundry and send dh to the market brain.

Since I still have two-thirds of Something Wicked to read, and I do have the next two Malloren books after that, and Edith Layton's Georgian era A True Lady by the tub, I'm now on the lookout for some great inspirationals. I'm way behind on Angela Hunt and Robin Lee Hatcher, and nearly foaming at the mouth for the new releases by Liz Curtis Higgs and Kathleen Morgan. Big, sweeping, gritty, and flat out wonderful...but still in the bookstore rather than my house.

Ahh...just remembered I have a Carol Umberger I haven't read. Day better now. :)


Temperley said...

Isn't it ironic that inspirational historical romances deal with things that aren't "allowed" in "secular" historical romances? I have yet to try any, but based on the plots I've seen in my rhapsody catalog, they look really good.

I haven't read "A True Lady" yet, but Layton's other two Georgians--"The Wedding" and "Bound by Love" are spectacular. After the Edwardian period, I adore the sumptuousness and earthiness of the Georgian era.

Anna said...

I think that's one of the reasons inspirational books are having a boom period right now. Though fans of the sweet inspirationals can still find them, others, like me, who want to see the deeper issues tackled, have a very wide range of choices.

Desperate Writer said...

I hear ya about the too warm to sleep nights. We live in an older home, and don't have central heat and air, and haven't put our window unit in yet. It's just nice enough to sleep with the windows open, and since we have a brezze where I live most of the time, it's perfect. But we've had a couple of nights with no breeze at all, and it was toss and turn time.