Monday, April 04, 2005

A whole week without an entry, eh? Since my brain refuses to cooperate at the moment, I will borrow an idea from some other blogs I've seen, and list X Things You May Not Know About Me:

1) I like to have AOL Radio tuned to the "Love Stinks" station when I write.

2) My toenails are currently painted OPI "Glacier Bay Blue"

3) I am adopted, and have reunited with my birth sister. We are eerily alike.

4) I once got sunstroke at an amusement park in CA

5) I really hate using the telephone unless it's absoultely vital.

6) I broke my right arm in second grade.

7) Correct ranking of popsicle flavors according to me, from best to shove-in-the-back-of-the-freezer: cherry, lime, grape, everything else, orange.

8) Flavor of ice cream I wish would get more play: coconut

9) My first romance novel I ever read was The Kadin by Bertrice Small. I was eleven.

10) I love storms so much that my parents once had to physically pull a tweenage me off the deck of the Long Island ferry during a thunderstorm at night. I wanted to stay and watch "a storm at sea" so I'd know how to describe it in the novels I would write one day.


Temperley said...

Heee! I am the same when it comes to numbers 5 and 7. My first true romance(as in contemporary standard) was Catherine Coulter's "The Valentine Legacy" when I was 18(aren't I so late?) Technically though, it was Caroline B. Cooney's YA time travel romance trilogy "Both Sides of Time" "Prisoner of Time" & "Out of Time"

Anna said...

Then I will be sure to email you when it's time to open a new box of popsicles.

Kate R said...

Beatrice Small at 11? whoa, mama!