Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Dance Friday #91 - Taking it easy this week

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Light entry this week, as our family is easing back into normal routine after a few interesting weeks in a row.

For Christians like me, this is Good Friday, when we remember the ultimate black moment for the early church - but it gets much, much better. For my Jewish friends, this is the start of Passover, another time to remember great joy in the face of Very Bad Things. Both of which reminded me that when two such important dates coincide, that's even more of a reason for a happy dance. If this is a spiritual day for you, go here and select "Bobby Mimi Shabbat Blessing" to hear a lovely piece by Mimi Caban (now Ross) and (the late) Bobby Caban.

For everybody, and especially those of us who had, shall we say an awkward phase, I present "I'm the One That's Cool" by The Guild:

Whatever else today may bring, there's always room for a happy dance. What tunes have you dancing this week?

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Gerri Brousseau said...

Hi Anna,
I'm having an easy day too. Hope you have a Blessed and Happy Easter.