Monday, March 12, 2012

Saturday at the Movies #87 - The Decoy Bride

Pretty much my reaction when I saw the trailer for The Decoy Bride on the Heroes and Heartbreakers blog. How much do I love this? Let us count the ways.

One: David Tennant. I fell madly for him in Blackpool, referenced here, as well as here and though I'm not a regular follower of Doctor Who, I loved "The Girl in the Fireplace" and Ten will always be "my" Doctor. So of course, the chance to see Mr. Tennant in a straight romantic lead, especially in a role that looks like something Hugh Grant could also pull off, and tell me his character is an author? Say no more, but wait, that's not all....

Two: Kelly MacDonald. Loved her with Bill Nighy in The Girl in the Cafe, as well as in Gosford Park, and am looking forward to Brave and Anna Karenina.

Three: Inhabitants of a small UK locale band together to put one over on outsiders. In this case, a Hollywood actress and her fiance, a British writer played by Mr. Tennant, who apparently has set his books on this particular isle...without ever visiting it. Cue media frenzy, cue marketing people arriving to put a spin on things, part of which involves a decoy bride to attract attention away from the real nuptials. Add in one accidental actual wedding, and hijinx ensue. With, it would seem, love as a byproduct.

Four: The music in the trailer inspired me to hunt down the composer, Julian Nott, who has more musical samples available here. Gorgeous instrumentals, though still no clue who does the snippet of the bit with vocals. On with the hunt.

Five: Can you resist this trailer? Can you really?

So what do you think, faithful readers?


Anonymous said...

I loved it. Looks adorable. When is it coming out?
Gerri Brousseau

Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

Gerri, looks like it's out now, as it was released on March 9th. I'm going to check out the theater on my street today and then see how soon I can get down there.