Friday, March 09, 2012

Happy Dance Friday #87 - Happy (Belated) Birthday, Micky Dolenz

With the sad passing of Davy Jones, Monkees fans could certainly use a real happy dance, and since this is the day after Micky Dolenz' birthday (and gives me the urge to make it Monkee Month) today's choice is a natural. If Davy was the song and dance man of the group, Micky was the clown, and no wonder; his first acting job was as the youthful lead of the tv series Circus Boy. An actor playing a drummer, who then became a drummer, Micky brought his own brand of delicious insanity to the Monkees antics, providing lead vocals on such upbeat classics as "I'm a Believer":

Even songs of social commentary, like "Pleasant Valley Sunday" or "Last Train to Clarksville" got the special Micky touch:

"That Was Then, This is Now" has got to be one of the bounciest second chance songs I've ever heard:

Though embedding is disabled on the official video (click here to see) of the Monkees' "Heart and Soul" video, which has the trademark Monkees hijinx as they tackle the 80s, Micky's optimistic attitude shines in this live version:

Remember, a truly heartfelt happy dance negates the calories of an extra helping of birthday cake, and "Tomorrow's Going to be Another Day." Happy Birthday, Micky!

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