Tuesday, May 03, 2011

NEC RWA 2011, part the first

Photobucket No, I did not bring a camera, so you get random picture from my collection.

It's the Tuesday after the NEC RWA conference, and I am approaching humanity again. Comfortably ensconced in recliner, with lap desk and laptop, legal pad and Micron at the ready. Post-conference adjustment is always a process. No free books on my chair at meals, no Lindor truffles scattered randomly, no workshops and much smaller odds that random strangers, no matter how friendly, are other romance writers.

Disorganized, general thoughts first. The day after the conference is for sleeping, rising only for personal ablutions and filling nutritional needs. Conference food and my allegies are often not friends, so it's par for the course to come back a wee bit peckish. My roommate/crit partner, Melva, and I did discuss nipping out to a nearby restaurant a time or two but conference stuff kept us so busy it wasn't an option.

Good workshops, as always. My choices this year included workshops on psychopaths, writing hooks, word choice and worldbuilding. I pitched twice, the results 50/50. One very good no, and one request for a full ms, both with very useful comments, so I count both pitches as a success.

Networking and talking with other romance writers is always my favorite part of these gatherings, and there was plenty of that. This year saw the addition of a scavenger hunt, a card with a grid containing unique things about other attendees, the object being to find people who fit the descriptors and collect signatures. Ironically, I did not turn mine in because I was too busy talking to others to get all the squares signed. Still had fun, and I have the card as a keepsake. Not to mention free books, bookmarks, and various other promo stuff. I will share some of the books, bookmarks and such, but the chocolate is mine, mine, mine.

More details to follow, as I'm still getting back into the groove of being home, but I did get a good dose of support and inspiration. Now to pound keys.

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