Sunday, April 03, 2011

One of those days

Sundays are hard, and this time of year gets an extra edge. I'm an extrovert in a family of introverts and I must confess one of my dire secrets...I don't like spring. Too bright, and the temperature fluctuates, not to mention it's higher asthma risk season, so a part of me is always in watch mode. Slap one of those on an extrovert surrounded by introverts...or really, not, as I have to hunt them down, and take away any sort of structure to the day, and yeah, somebody wake me at five. Because our church meets at night, the normal source of being-surrounded-by-like-minded-people one might think of is not available until late in the day. When I am about ready to cash in my chips for that twenty four hour period anyway.

Checked email, checked Twitter, checked Facebook, grumbled "where is everybody" a time or dozen and ended up browsing YouTube for long ago favorite songs. No embedding on this one, but it fits my mood, and hey, might spark a story somewhere. Michael Martin Murphey, you sure know how to do a song right.

So I'm grumbly. I do not do downtime well at all. Reading more historical romance is high on my priority list, but I'm not with my books at the moment and I'm coming off reading a much anticipated book (nope, not saying which one) that bellyflopped for me in a big way. Sure, I have a huge TBR mountain range, but once I get into the right book, I get grumbly when yanked out of it and that's not the right attitude to bring to church, even though it's an understanding bunch.

I'm having one of those where-do-I-fit moments. I have writer buddies I love dearly, and wouldn't trade for the world, but all have slightly different specialities. Historical and time travel (which when I do it, I consider historical because I know me and I know where/when the HEA will happen) romance are my passion, and that's where I need to put most of my focus. Going further, I like my romances darker rather than lighter, and the deeper I can get into the characters' emotions, the better I like it. This is a skill I'm admittedly relearning, along with refining my writer voice. Which is probably a good way to channel these floundery afternoons. Methinks I sniff a story in this classic from Dan Seals, for example:

What's your go-to resource when feeling creatively adrift?

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