Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #45 -earworms

Clear some space and put on something floaty, because this week's post is music only. Feel free to do your own interpretive dance...or stay seated and listen. Not the most exhuberant music, but these are the earworms I've had all week, and I'm happy to find them.

How did I never find Trading Yesterday aka The Age of Information until I got involved in HIMYM fandom?

"May I" - gorgeously romantic:

"Change My Name" -romantic or spiritual, your pick. Maybe both.

"Tell Her Something" - bittersweet melodic regret

"My Last Goodbye" - surprisingly bright for a sad song, but still with that ray of hope. The heart will go on.

"One Day" - there is so totally a story in this somewhere.

Now all I need are some floaty silk scarves and Mia Michaels choreography, hm?

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