Thursday, March 11, 2010

Smells like spring and thirteen reasons why:

  1. Last night was the season finale of Psych :cries:
  2. My recent trip to Lane Bryant confirms I am indeed over one size smaller and coral is a universally flattering color.
  3. The New England RWA conference is only two weeks away, eep.
  4. Have had the "I come inside because I do not want to be outside" discussion at home regarding too many open windows.
  5. I have carried my coat for three days straight.
  6. Weekend forecast is rain, rain, rain. :happydance:
  7. Jellybeans in stores everywhere.
  8. I get to purchase jellybeans for office stash.
  9. New Virginia Henley and Heather Graham historicals crook their fingers at me from the TBR bookcase.
  10. Working on one novel and two novellas makes me happy. (Okay, not a spring thing but had to include it.)
  11. Recent discovery of Right Said Fred albums in European release; must purchase.
  12. Somerset Studio Digital Imaging is out and Somerset Memories should be out any day now.
  13. New arty thing of the season around here: beading. Prettyful jewelry soon.

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