Friday, April 14, 2006

One week after the conference, and I have work to do. I got to pitch twice, once to an editor and once to an agent, and both asked to see partials. So pages have gone out to beta readers. Hopefully there will be good news soon, or at least some more interest. I'm looking forward to sharing Simon and Jonnet's story, and diving into new projects.

Of course this does have to be the same time the monitor on the office computer blows (I wasn't there at the time, but reports are that smoke was involved)so the monitor from the really old puter at the home office had to be put into service, which puts a kink into the retrieve everything from Frankenstien puter plan, but we'll find a way.

The next week's projects include sending out partials to the editor and agent who requested them, as well as other places OitS might find a happy home. Also updating my website at long last, with some of Marguerite's lovely graphics, and getting a batch of reviews to Italics. Not to mention setting up notebooks for TWR and the as yet unnamed story for my second colonial couple, Jonathan and Alina. I'll admit to putting another colonial on board so I can make some more research trips to NY.

Current reading is Jo Beverley's The Rogue's Return and for research, Shipwreck! (sic) by Jean-Pierre Andrieux. I have a shipwreck planned for Drew and Trista in TWR, though in more tropical climes than the northern isles of this book, but I have a feeling some of the items that wash up might find their way to Drew and Trista's island as well.

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