Thursday, December 29, 2005

Good stuff even in the middle of the stress festival -- but more on that later, though the highlight is that I will be crowned zombie queen-- I got a mention in the Snarkling Clean title contest. See, some good *can* come out of free-associating bad plays on the word "sheikh."

DH has informed me that the stuff for a contest I'm judging has landed on our doorstep, so there will be that to look forward to also. Which is good, because it's stressorama with the DH's work schedule (there aren't enough people who can do that thing he does, so he has to keep doing it and put off a muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch-needed vacation for a couple more weeks) plus the annoying health thing fairies have thwapped us both with their sticks. Nothing life threatening, but extremely annoying, yes.

Which is why it's actually extremely relaxing to open a file and spend time in the English Civil War, or crack open a much loved paperback and follow a beloved heroine through Elizabethan England, or pluck a promisingly thick medieval from the TBR mountain range.

My brain is dead, I have reached tilt, there are miles to go before I sleep, but God is good, I have romance novels, and I have accepted the fact that yes, my black jeans are now officially too big. Cloud, lining, all that. I will obtain food, inspect package, and then play Sims2 until I go facedown on the keyboard. Because tomorrow I have to sail into the Irish Sea, and try to bust out of an abandoned mumblemumble in Holland.

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Marguerite Arotin said...

Hmm, isn't it amazing what a good book can do? Right now I'm revisiting a childhood favorite and engrossed in a mythical fantasy land with an inept magician, a pleasant woman, a handsome prince, an evil king, and a unicorn who was transformed into a beautiful woman to save her from the Red Bull by the inept magician. I'm reading the Last Unicorn, can't be classfied as a romance but it's an amazing fantasy. Saw the movie a long time ago as a little girl and took the book out just a few days ago from the library when I realized the movie was based upon a book :-).
Oh and I got Serenity for Christmas :-). Anna, you have to rent it or go out and buy it, it was soo good. The gag reel on the DVD was pretty funny too.
Anyway, enjoy your trips miles away from reality with your books and have a great 2006. May the writing muses bless you with all the right words in the new year :-)