Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Well, that was a hiatus

Not that I'd meant to not blog or anything. I could blame weather, family, pre-Christmas preparation, a beggy kitty who thinks *she* should be my laptop or my newly found DVD addiction, but lo and behold, the days go by. I found out that my college roommate and her husband adopted their infant son...and gave him the same first name as another friend and his wife gave their newborn. Which is the same name as an adult and at least one child in my church, so I'm going to have to add it to the "please specify last name" name list. Make no mistake, friends getting babies is *always* a good thing, and I know both sets of parents are going to be great. Much happiness all around. As for the DH and me, we like our own kids to have four legs and fur.

I really and truly have a book coming out in a couple of weeks. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! ::Snoopy dance:: Review sites have copies, and comments are starting to come in, so that adds a new facet on things. I think I may actually have to put stuff in the scrapbook this year, not just buy a lot of pretty paper. Though I will still do that.

Finally got to see Bride and Predjudice yesterday and oh my dancing Naveen Andrews, did I love that movie. Enough to rewatch most of Love, Actually while working on presents. Both were great reminders of why I love to read and write romance. Also that while my body may be lugging two loads of laundry, takeout dinner and my tote up the icy front steps in my high heeled boots, my mind can be happily occupied at a cosy English Christmas dinner if I so desire.

Currently reading Frank Perretti's Monster and taunting the DH that there's a sasquatch with his name in the story (though spelled differently) along with my first Stephanie Laurens, Captain Jack's Woman -- which my friend, Linda, will forever make me snicker at the title as it shares a name, but not an allusion, with a song by Billy Joel. Lyrics not for consumption of the tender, but they're real, and I do love me some Billy Joel for that very reason; his music creates a time and place that I can live and breathe, and I want to write like that.

Must also state on the same thread that Linda and I did have a bit of a riff on finding similarities to the book and song. They both have a guy who likes the heroin(e); people wear English clothes in both, and both do mention a village. Though I'm pretty sure the book will have a happier ending.

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