Thursday, August 25, 2005


Today was a patchwork day. I knew the scene I was supposed to be writing, but it wasn't there. Would not connect with my brain. Stuck its fingers in its ears and went "la-la-la-la I can't hear you" when I called it. I hate when scenes do that. Still, determined to break out of my rut and write, I figured I'd open the document and read the scene right before it.

Which was not there. Nor the one before that. In fact, the green stink fumes scene was there, the one I thought I'd banished from the planet. Which means that I had once again neglected to patch in recent work into the actual manuscript. Heavy sigh and hunt about desktop (because I oh so cunningly name things written out of place as "new scene one" and "new scene two" never minding that two might take place before one, or might actually be two and one in one document.) Finally found it all, and added about forty more pages to the ms. Now that's a day's work.

Okay, so they weren't new pages (mostly) but I did get to fix things I wanted fixed, and that new page count looks so darned impressive that I swaggered on over to the plate of peanut butter chip brownies I baked this morning (for the sole reason that I must be productive if I'm baking) and indulged. Also showed me that of course I can't work on that scene because I have to fix one of the patchwork scenes that will be the difficult scene's destination. I always have to know where I'm going at a few points in the book, and this is one of them.

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Marguerite Arotin said...

Fixed things are just as good as writing at least your gtting soemthing done. *Sigh* my current WIP is faltering because we'll be moving soon and my mind is swirling with thoughts of the move rather than how Tony is going to covince Meghan not to go. Oh well, once we get settled in our new home, I'm certain it'll all come back to me :-). Oh & I got my b-day present early. Wasn't the Sims 2 but hubby did get me the entire first season of The Muppett Show on DVD and he has the frist season of Fraggle Rock on back order for me. So I'll get to introduce my little guy to the true genius that was Jim Henson :-). Take care Anna dear :-)