Monday, August 22, 2005

I've heard this last weekend was the last hot one of the season. I hope so. We're all more than ready for fall over here. I've already broken out the autumnal stationery, and written to letters on two of the different designs. I keep an eye out for brown, red or yellow leaves on the ground. If you happen to be a tree surgeon who could name the disease that sent them there, hush. I prefer to think of it as pre-fall. Not having to thoroughly chew the air before one can fully take in a breath is more than a luxury, it is a right.

Every year when the first snap of fall hits the air, I go into overdrive. This will not be matched until the first significant snowfall of winter. Should this overlap with the official fall season, it might be best to bring the small children inside. I will be so bouncey that Tigger will look comatose. The fact that I have the end of the current MS in sight may hasten this. Add cider -- the real stuff, from farm stands or the local produce section of the grocery, not the factory bottled apple juice that was once shown a picture of a cinnamon stick-- and pumpkin pie and the scent of woodsmoke and thar she blows.

Whoops -- real life intrusion. Must go do wifely things involving groceries. Talk amongst yourselves. I'll be back in the AM.


Suzanne said...

I'm ready for fall, too. LOL on pre-fall. Works for me!

Kate R said...

I'm ready for school to start NOW.

I wanna work....waaaaahhhhh.

Anna specific stuff:
1. You sent me a note, it's gone and so I sent a general note to the list in question.

2. Will you be at the CORW meeting?

3. Why don't I send an email instead of haunting your blog?

Kate R said...

4. because I'm too lazy to open my email program.

Anna said...

Kate and Suzanne in the same comments -- whoo, I'm in snazzy company.

Kate specific stuff:

2) Yes, and I have the stuff.