Friday, August 12, 2005

Art Day

Didn't plan on it, but today turned into an art day. This is the week of The Birthdays -- Dad's on the 14th and the dh on the 15th plus a dear friend's package perched atop Mt Mailme. Combine that with the shape of a piece of cardboard that came in the packing from Amazon and a comment dh made the other night while we were watching a decorating show, and long story short, I am covered in antique stain, paint, and would not be at all surprised if I've crackled the fingers of my left hand.

Yesterday was too hot to move so it was great to be excited and focused today. The aforementioned piece of cardboard turned into a vintage-looking sign the dh said he wanted "someday" (hey, today is someday!) and playing with it reminded me how much my loved ones are a gift to me all year long.

I love giving presents, and if it's something I can make that reflects the recipient's personality, all the better. It's extra quality time spent, if not with them, then about them. Time to think "what makes this person special?" and "what would they like this to be?" Which is, come to think of it, a lot like writing.

How would this character see the situation at hand? What would be their projected best and worst outcome? What might they try doing instead of what I have planned?

It's not so much a day spent away from writing, but approaching it from another angle. I come back from art days refreshed and ready to roll. Which is another gift.

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Debbie said...

I came across your blog while checking out who else had "Enchanted April" as one of their favorites. It's about time for me to watch that again. I was surprised that Netflix does not have it (Netflix is great!).
I have just begun to explore Romance novels. I didn't realize that Mitford was considered Romance - I am just finishing the 2nd book (Light in the Window) and love it. I also have enjoyed Grace Livingston Hill for years - it's funny how these are so old fashioned and downright predictable, yet I still get inspired while reading them. I just finished "Homing".