Sunday, September 30, 2012

Extroverted Writer Links


Useful links on writing, extroversion and overcoming self-sabotage:

Five Signs You May Be Sabotaging Your Own Writing Career: Guilty of all five at one time or another in the past year.

What's Your Writing Personality?: Introvert? Extrovert? Mixed?

7 Ways for Extroverts to Increase Their Writing Productivity: good tips on making inherent personality traits work for, not against the writing. I can't admit to #10, but the others do sound familiar.

The Problem of the Extroverted Writer: Holmes and Watson help an extroverted writer figure out his most perplexing predicament.

The Challenges of Being a Writer and an Extrovert: YATopia offers some excellent suggestions. on Extroverts: Really good definition, easy and accessible.

The "Silent Treatment" vs. the Talking Machine: Understanding Introverts and Extroverts: Introvert and extrovert styles of processing thoughts and feelings.

Ten Myths About Extroverts: This Truth About Sushi blog entry tackles some generalizations.

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