Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #72 -It's Electric

funny pictures - The Electric Mayhem almost broke up when Animal OD'd on Pixy Stix. Then they found Eugene.
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For those of us who lost power during Octsnowber/Snowtober/Winter Storm Alfred/other words not printable here but referring to the giant amount of snow that descended upon the northeast US in the last week of October, there was a great deal of happy dancing when our power came back on.

I will admit that Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue" did indeed pop into my head when power was restored in our neck of the woods, and for a bit of Sims trivia, if I make an electronics store in my game, it is always called Electric Avenue. Always.

I don't remember being much into this song when it first came out (too busy walking my dinosaur) but I do love the lead singer's optimistic attitude:

To keep with the theme, there's Electric Light Orchestra:

and Electric Mayhem:

And dancers of electric boogie have some impressive moves:

IHere's hoping the winter will be warm and bright inside our house and all others.


Anonymous said...

I love it, but my favorite is the Muppets. Just cracks me up.

Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

Thanks, Gerri - I couldn't leave the Muppets out. They are a true classic.