Monday, June 20, 2011

Thinky think think

Thoughtful Sim gent is thoughtful, which reflects a lot of writing/reading/related issues navel gazing over on this end recently.

Since I was fortunate enough to win my very first e-reader in a Danger:Women Writing giveaway (and hope I didn't break the blog, as I really like both blog and reader) the first thing I did was hie myself on over to Smashwords. See, my brain went to the most natural (for me) place as soon as the reader was in my hot little hands - Marsha Canham's backlist. Because I need, and I do mean need, the whole darned thing. Yes, I already have all (or at least most) of these books in paperback and I have read the vast majority of the ones that I do possess, but it's different on the e-reader. I can't explain it, at least not yet.

Let me back up a minute. The first-first book I read on my reader was The Mad Baron by Summer Devon, impressions to follow in a future post. I also have my own Orphans in the Storm on there, as well as an ms I'm critiquing for a longtime writer friend, and have added a select few other titles but right now, I'm all about the Canham, and with good reason.

I love the big stories the best, the ones outside the boundaries of the Regency drawing rooms (unless there's some serious angst going on in that drawing room. Anna Campbell, I'm looking at you. ) I'll take a pirate queen over a wallflower every time, and I get itchy feet if I spend too long in the same setting. Since that's what I want to put out, that's what I need to take in, easy as that. Old, new, traditional, indie, paperback, e-book, hardcover, as long as it's a big, meaty historical with loads of angst and emotion on the way to HEA, it's within my sights.

From the start of Typing With Wet Nails, I intended this blog to be mostly for writing and reading talk and that's the direction I'm steering back toward. Happy Dance Friday is staying and Saturday at the Movies coming back, but this blog is going to get a lot more bookish. Still thinking of exactly how, but that's what's on the brain for today.

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