Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #51 - SYTYCD Vegas and Top 20

Ahem. Computer issues prevented me from getting the weekend's posts up, but let's try that again, shall we?

I love Vegas week. All the drama, all those different personalities and backgrounds stuck in a pressure cooker and heated to critical level, dancers pushed to their limits and asked to do things they may never have done before. Can a b-boy jive? Can a ballroom champion conquer Broadway? What is everybody going to do with the contemporary round? No pressure, only Travis Wall choreography this time.

For me, Vegas week is a chance to see how the dancers perform under intense pressure, but the pressure gets to peek-through-my-fingers-horror-movie-style when it comes down to that final walk when the dancers must face the judges and find out whether or not they've made it. To be that close and get cut, gaaaaah. Another area where the writer can identify with the dancer. Not right for us at this time; yeah, I've had that.

It was indeed (or indubitably) close but no cigar for several favorites, including Chyna Smith, Chase Thomas, Annie Gratton, Brian Henry, and Tatiana Mallory. I'll be hoping to see all of them again next year.

Writers also can identify with the "we want you" moment, and I was very happy to see Sasha Mallory, Jess Leprotto, Jordan Casanova, Melanie Moore, Wadi Jones and Robert Taylor Jr. among the chosen. I think we can work with this bunch.

Looked a little hairy for ballroom representation, as only two ballroom dancers made it to the green mile. Ballroom Gent Whom We Didn't See Much of And Whose Name I Think Is Something Like Lenny handled his cut with professionalism and class and I hope we see him next year. That cut did, however allow us to see Iveta (world ten dance champion, ahem) perform with Surprise Guest Pasha.

Can he be on every week? Well, maybe when we reach the top ten and the all stars come back.

Until then, we have a fine group for our top twenty.

The finger chewing may now commence, because we have to lose two of them next week.

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