Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Old school top fifty?

I have to admit I did consider voting in this year's top one hundred romances poll at All About Romance but didn't. The reason? I had a strong feeling most of my favorites are from another age, and that got me to thinking. What about ranking the old school books, the ones that newer readers to romance may not have had a chance to read? May not, for that matter, have heard of, in some cases.

This is not to say that I don't enjoy books published today, or that I do not fall like a slavering wildebeest on new historical romances by authors such as Diana Groe, Blythe Gifford, Lyn Randal, Pamela Clare, Tracy MacNish, and other new kids on the block. Far from it. But it's the old school stuff that got me started, and always has a strong tug on my creative subconscious. So in a burst of caffiene inspired enterprise, I began to list. I made myself stop at fifty, because I could easily have gone to a hundred. Books by the same author (and there are many authors who grab a good deal of the space; give me a good voice and I'm pretty much there for life) that are grouped together are related, as I read them as one big book. Not all favorite books by a particular author made the list, and again, these are not ranked.

The following isn't neccessarily in order, but was the first fifty old school books that came to mind, and came quickly indeed.

Skye O’Malley – Bertrice Small
Redeeming Love – Francine Rivers
The Kadin – Bertrice Small
Love Wild and Fair – Bertrice Small
Lovesong – Valerie Sherwood
Windsong – Valerie Sherwood
Nightsong – Valerie Sherwood
Wild Bells to the Wild Sky – Laurie McBain
A Love So Bold – Annelise Kamada
A Banner Red and Gold – Annelise Kamada
Daughters of the Southwind – Aola Vandergriff
The Pride of Lions – Marsha Canham
The Taming – Aleen Malcolm
Ride Out the Storm – Aleen Malcolm
Ann of Cambray – Mary Lide
Gifts of the Queen – Mary Lide
Lady of Fire – Anita Mills
Heart of the West – Penelope Williamson
Bold Breathless Love – Valerie Sherwood
Rash Reckless Love – Valerie Sherwood
Wild Willful Love – Valerie Sherwood
Rich Radiant Love – Valerie Sherwood
Upon a Moon Dark Moor – Rebecca Brandewyne
The King’s Brat – Constance Gluyas
My Lady Benbrook – Constance Gluyas
Lovely Lying Lips – Valerie Sherwood
Love Cherish Me – Rebecca Brandewyne
A Rose in Winter – Kathleen Woodiwiss
Lisbon – Valerie Sherwood
Ashes in the Wind – Kathleen Woodiwiss
The Wolf and the Dove – Kathleen Woodiwiss
The Flame and the Flower – Kathleen Woodiwiss
The Wind and the Sea – Marsha Canham
These Golden Pleasures – Valerie Sherwood
Rapture – Rosamund Royal
Adora – Bertrice Small
Moonstruck Madness – Laurie McBain
Rose of Rapture – Rebecca Brandewyne
Velvet Promise – Jude Deveraux
Highland Velvet – Jude Deveraux
Velvet Song – Jude Deveraux
Velvet Angel – Jude Deveraux
Born to Love – Valerie Sherwood
Beloved – Bertrice Small
This Towering Passion – Valerie Sherwood
Her Shining Splendor – Valerie Sherwood
The Bargain – Veronica Sattler
Angel in Scarlet – Jennifer Wilde
Winter Fire – Johanna Lindsey
Love Only Once – Johanna Lindsey


Blythe Gifford said...

First, many thanks for even including my name in the same post with these luminary authors! I'm thrilled you enjoy my books so much.
Second, I've got a few to add to your list. My top two that you left off: Flowers from the Storm by Laura Kinsale and The Outsider by Penelope Williamson. Of course, anything by those two qualifies as a keeper. Now you've got me going off to make my own list!

Blythe Gifford

Anna said...

::smacks self in head:: I wholeheartedly agree with those additions. Anything by either author is a must have. Would love to see what's on your list.