Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Death of a Laptop...

Rest in peace, Petunia. Know that I don't blame you at all for leaving on your own terms one week before I head off for the conference. You probably saw the flood of productivity that always comes from these things and knew it wasn't in you any longer. You were well loved, first by your original owner, Vicki, and now by me. Between the two of us, we pounded your keys, ran your mouse and toted you near and far. You served us well.

I'm not saying I won't miss you at the conference, though Melva probably will be glad there aren't any keys for me to tap in the wee hours of the morning. I wonder if she'll be able to hear pen scratching on paper. Either way, it won't be the same.

You were a good laptop. You let me play Sims1 again when I needed it most, and I appreciate your trying to run Sims2 both for myself and for Vicki, and we understand that it was beyond your time.

Looking back, that should have been a sign; you were trying to tell me something. I shrugged it off when the A drive shut down. After all, who uses floppies anymore? I thought you were trying to be more current for my sake. When the modem pooped out, well, no worries. I can still get online from the desktop, and you were mainly for writing anyway. The black screen of death, however, there's no mistaking that.

I appreciate that you let me see my desktop wallpaper one last time. You must have known it would ease the transition. I have to admit that the future without you looks a bit scary, and yes, it does mean that any key pounding must be done with the desktop.

Most likely, it won't come as a surprise that I'll be looking for another laptop soon. You'd want it that way, I'm sure. It won't be the same, though. Oh sure, there'll be a better video card, and there may be wi-fi, but whoever the new laptop is, and whenever they join the family, there will never be another Petunia. You live on in memory and the data recovery disk. Rest in peace.


carrie_lofty said...

That's amusing. My husband's less-than-two-year-old computer died two nights ago. I have never seen a computer actually stroke out and just... stop working. Luckily, Kev saves most of his work stuff to various web hidey places. He's not too shook up about what would have been a disaster for me. Lose all my files?? Jump off a tall building! Splat.

Anna said...

Rheuben and I did get to see Petunia stroke out and stop. Not an experience I would like to have again, though I think he secretly found it rather interesting.

No disaster, though, as I have learned to back up (love my jump drive) and the first course of action was to head for the Geek Squad and get them to do a data retrieval. Otherwise I'd have been splatting right there with you.

Marguerite Arotin said...

Poor Anna. So sorry that Petunia bit the dust. My hubby got me Dell laptop for Christmas but I have named her yet. I'm thinking I might have to go with Kitty since my cat Polly has turned into a regular "laptop kitty" and will sit on my lap now only when I'm working on the laptop. So Kitty might work for her.
Oh and The Locktender's Daughter comes out in May hon. My editor, Lorraine just got released from the hospital and is on the mend so I should get my edits soon. I can't wait and you know I'll send you a review copy ;-).
Oh and do you plan on creating a myspace profile sweetie? It's so easy and I could help you with it if you'd like. Great way to promote your work too.
Anyway, just thought I'd drop by to let you know I'm sorry about Petunia's loss but at least you had everything backed up. My IT Geeq hubby tells that to all his clients. You should always backup your stuff :-). Take care Anna.

Anna said...

Marguerite, I would love a review copy of The Locktender's Daughter. How exciting! Best wishes to you and Kitty for future books.

I've thought about MySpace but haven't done anything with it yet. I may have to take you up on that offer.

Kady said...

RIP Petunia. Gone but not forgotten. Just don't forget to make me honorary Auntie to the next laptop! LOL!