Monday, March 05, 2007

Big errandy weekend, so today had to be something of very little brain; office decluttering. In which Anna uncovers scads of old notebooks (and by scads I mean seven if we can count one made up of graph paper and one that is actually a legal pad)with only some of the pages written on.

I heeded the call of adventure, sorted through the pages that had ink on them and figured out what I wanted to keep (which got either transcribed or filed) and rip out, shred and dispose of what I didn't. There is this dark reddish fuzzy thing on the floor that they tell me is called "carpet." Does everyone have this "carpet" stuff under their notebook stacks? The cat seems to like to sharpen her claws in it.

Some of the stuff I found in the old notebooks was surprisingly good, some surprisingly not, some flat out weird, but it was a good journey on the whole. Plus now I have seven (six if I don't count the graph paper one, but then again I need it for Sims house planning) newish notebooks in which to doodle, vent, freewrite or whatever strikes my fancy at the moment. They are all in a pile where I can grab them when I need a blank notebook.

Which is different from a blank book. I will spend money on beautiful blank books and those I hoard with fierce protective instincts, for years if I have to, until I get exactly the right idea to go in exactly the right book. So don't be surprised if, when gifted with a gorgeous blank book, I shower it with profuse thanks and then stick it directly in the blank book bookcase. The spiral notebooks/legal pads, though, I can grab anytime.


Kat - Design team said...

SISTER!!! I hoard blank books as well. Have you used the one I gave you last year, yet? LOL!

Anna said...

Actually, I have. I've been using it to make notes and do some writing exercises.

Kady said...

YAY! I think I'll round one of mine up and use it for a travel diary when I leave on my trip. It'll be easier to share once I get home!