Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drive-by blogging for a while here, as real life is holding me hostage.

Since becoming more involved in family health care, I find myself packing a lot of bags -- the bag that goes with me to visit my father in the nursing home or hospital, and now the one that carries his blanket for his dialysis sessions. I always include one of my writing notebooks and at least one book, and either Romantic Times or Romance Writers Report.

It would be easy to not-read in the middle of all of these changes, even easier to not-write, but I have to. If I don't keep at it now, it won't be important, and it is. So even if it's one page or one paragraph at a time, reading or writing, it's forward motion. It's doing something. It's a rest or a reach or a moment to dip a toe into the wonder of another time and place.

Current read is Philippa Gregory's Wideacre. Historical, yes, and in a favorite era of mine, Georgian England. Not a romance, but there is the overriding passion of the heroine (though in a romance, she'd make a great villain) Beatrice, for the land, her estate, Wideacre. No bones about it, she is twisted, amoral and evil through and through -- and fascinating.

Gregory makes us understand why Beatrice does the awful, unthinkable things she does (no spoilers, read it yourself) and though that doesn't make any of her choices right, I have found myself talking back to the book (yes, I talk to books) and telling myself "you do know you're rooting for the villain." Fascinating reading, and I have the next two related books rubberbanded together to prevent peeking.

Well, most peeking. I had to know who the protagonist of book two was. Should be a very intriguing trip on that one as well.


Ovation Leader said...

Have you read any of Phillipa Gregory's other books? WIDEACRE and its spawn is the least of her fine books.

I found your blog when I clicked on ENCHANTED APRIL in my profile.

Anna said...

Hi, Ovation Leader; great name!

I have several of Philippa Gregory's books in my TBR mountain range, but the only one I've read prior to the Wideacre books was A Respectable Trade, which I also loved.

Kat said...

I've been on a Philippa Gregory spurt, having read THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL, THE QUEEN'S FOOL and THE VIRGIN'S LOVER. I was going to read THE CONSTANT PRINCESS but have decided to wait on that one. Have just begun WIDEACRE and will let you know my thoughts once I finish...if not sooner!

Anna said...

Please do! I'm almost to the end of The Favored Child, and have Meridon close at hand. I am going to be one grizzly bear when this story is finally done and may have to stomp around in a circle for a time. These books are definetly an all time favorite already.