Saturday, May 04, 2013

Lynn Viehl Followup and Prize Winner

Happy Saturday, mes amis, and thanks to all who shared in our wonderful visit with Lynn Viehl.

For the readers who asked which of Lynn's free reads would be a good starting point,Lynn offers the following:

I had a wonderful time chatting with your readers; thanks for having me as a guest.

I also love new readers; it's the best part of getting out and about in the online writer community. For someone who is completely new to my work I usually recommend my novella Dark of Heart:

Dark of heart is YA and G-rated, so it's good for all ages, and I think it's a decent example of my writing style in general. It is 168 pages, however, so it's a bit of a hefty read for a freebie.

If the reader would prefer to try something shorter, then I recommend my short story Red Branch:

That one is high fantasy, PG-13 rated but only 25 pages long. It's been my readers' favorite ever since I wrote it.

Thanks again, Lynn. It was my pleasure having you; come back anytime.

Now, for the lucky winner of Lynne's gorgeous prize pack. Let's take a moment to look at the pretties one more time while we imagine a drumroll. The prize goes to...
Nightbound Keepsake Box giveaway photo NightboundKeepsakeBoxgiveaway_zps6cfdf7c9.jpg

Anderyn, contact me at so we can get your prize headed your way.

Everyone, what are we reading this weekend?

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