Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Dance Friday #116/Son of Saturday at the Movies #3 - Wreck-it Ralph

Cool and rainy here in Albany today, which is perfect happy dance weather for me. Good writing weather as well, and definitely good reading weather for later in the day. Not good walking in the park weather, so must do without my daily duck fix for the time being.

Since I do live under a rock, I haven't seen Wreck-it Ralph yet (looks really fun, though, and do I spot an inter-game romantic subplot in there? Because if so, I am all over that) but Owl City is always good for some bouncy fun, so here we go:

Okay, I'm spotting some fun graphics, a hero's journey, and gaming. Yep, I'm in. Must add to the library list.

Who's going to the movies this weekend? What are you seeing?


Ashley Nichole said...

You will have to see Wreck-it-Ralph. At first it looks like a little kid movie and then you realize that there is a lot of subliminal adult messages underneath just begging to be understood.

Anna Bowling said...

Thanks, Ashley Nichole. I'm definitely going to hunt this one down. I love hunting down the subliminal adult messages in movies like this.