Friday, January 20, 2012

Combination post: Happy Dance Friday #80 and Saturday at the Movies #79

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Random sleepy puppy, as Monweek wasn't quite done with me yet, though Saturday brought a wondrous repast with friends and Sunday's NECRWA meeting put a spring back in my writing step. Which is why you get last week's Saturday post along with today's happy dance post, because it irks me when the numbers don't line up for these entries.

Speaking of springs and steps, I don't think any happy dance could top this four legged fellow's:

Though my DH would likely urge me to post this next clip if he were looking over my shoulder, so I'll stick it up on his behalf.

No clip yet, but I'm very eager to see how Copper turns out. 1860s New York, Irish immgirant neighborhood and a police officer who wants to do right, but finds that a complicated task? Pop the corn, I'm there, and save all talking for the commercial breaks. I'll pretend John Amsterdam is in the office down the hall, because, well, he could have been, and I still miss that show.

In the can't-believe-I-Missed-It category, Smash. I love stories set in the theater world, love the audition process, and let's take a look at the cast - Debra Messing, Anjelica Huston, and Katharine McPhee, who made an impression on me back in her American Idol days. Definitely need to catch the premiere and remember to record this one. Extra points because in a show set on Broadway, there's got to be some dancing.

Also missed out on the premiere of The Fades (this is why there is On Demand, right?) I'm not as much interested in the undead/ghost aspect as I am the psychological/social issues - twins, social awkwardness, insider/outsider dynamics. What do you think, faithful readers?

All current on this front, and tomorrow, Alcatraz....

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