Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Dance Friday #53 SYTYCD season 8

Well. Were it not for computer power issues, I would have addressed the Shocking Developments in the results show for episode one. Surprising choices for the bottom three - Jess? Really? Do the voters have eyes? Deadlocked judges. Repeated solos. Still deadlocked judges. NO ELIMINATION for that week, but double elimination the next. Oh. The. Dramaz.

Oh the outrage as well, as we had to say goodbye to Iveta, for crying out loud. Sure, world ten dance champion, who needs that? :snarl: The mere thought of there being no ballroom dancer in the competition from this point on makes me grumbly. Farewell as well to tap dancer Nick, jazz dancer Missy and breaker Wadi. They will all be missed, but this is the nature of the business and in the end, as in Highlander, there can be only one.

This week proved yet again that we're in for a spectacular season. Do not show Sasha and Alexander's contemporary to a romance writer and not expect a story seed to start germinating:
The hands at the end, oh they kill me. Beautiful.

This week was also amazing with the guest dancers on results night.
Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian:

And Axis dance company, which had me speechless:

Really not much I can say after that, because I am rendered mute by the sheer beauty of the guest performances, so I will hush. I love when a dance tells a complete story without any language at all, and that is definitely true in all three above clips.

Miranda and Robert, we will miss you both, but it was lovely to have you when we did.

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