Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eh, you do the title today

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I miss tea. As in really really miss tea. Also hot chocolate, soup, anything involving citrus of any sort or anything containing tomato. Am now on the "when will the darned cold sore drop so I can be human again" watch. Which is not helped by the carton of forbidden orange juice in the fridge, or DH brining home chili. Big old not quite over the cold but not in the throes of it anymore funk. Which means my brain is at once raring to get back to actual work and wont to forgetting what it's doing in the middle of such tasks.

Add to that the fact that I A) woke at exactly the time I meant to be out the front door, B) am feeling guilt over thinking of self when friends are having stuff going on, though I am absolutely there for support, C) there were an oddly high number of men in their 30s/40s in business suits in Panera, and as soon as they left, an oddly high number of women in their 20s/30s with strollers took their places, D) I have no idea why my brain latched onto that when I have no idea what I'm bringing to nag group tonight other than my still occasionally cough-fit-having self.

The reason here is twofold; one, the clientele seems to be settling into a more eclectic population, and two, I feel better when I'm working. So by the time six PM rolls around, I will have three copies of something in my tricky two column, single spaced, landscape printed format to sneak extra pages past my CPs.

After, that is, poking around to find lunch items that will not make my upper lip feel like it got hit with an extremely localized blowtorch (I have learned from that one time I decided to chance pizza anyway; never again) and washing my hair even though my hair has decided it no longer likes the only conditioner in the house and all that writing and editing stuff. Is it time to share the start of the NaNo book? Too soon to talk about the idea for the new historical? Can I in all good conscience subject these people to yet another read through of the chapter I'm editing? No matter what anybody says, I am not violating my "have never not read" streak. Because I'm cranky that way.

Point of this post? None, but I like to vent.

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