Friday, January 26, 2007

Me again.

At least it's within the same month, so I should get points for that. Work progresses on my Book in Seven Weeks project, though I'd like to be a bit more productive in that one.

The upside of it is that I know without a doubt that my family's Anna Is Writing Alarm works perfectly. The second I open a file or notebook with fiction in mind, a family member (two or four legged) is immediately dispatched to require my complete and undivided attention. What astounds me about this is that we do not have children.

Really. The DH and I check regularly. We open our wallets, call out "allowance time" and if nobody shows up within sixty seconds (small apartment) we figure we're safe. Which still does not rule out phone calls from various sources, a kitty who demands to lead any non-sleeping humans on a walking tour of the entire apartment because clearly that is the only way she can communicate her need for a lap from the person she was sitting inches away from a minute before, or my much-beloved spouse returning home early.

I'll admit, sometimes I stretch the boundaries to slack, but more and more, I hear my characters' voices inviting (or more realistically, ordering)me back into their worlds. It's a process at times, and sometimes the process, the application of behind to chair and fingers to keys, can be the whole point of a writing session. It's perfectly okay to spend a couple of hours on complete nonsense. Even if it doesn't go in the book, it still needs to be written.

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